Resume / LinkedIn writing

You need a resume to introduce yourself to an employer, but not just any old resume will do. The days of long winded, blow by blow account of your working history have gone. Employers / recruiters don’t have the time to sit and read pages of text, they want clear concise content that cuts to the chase. They want maximum value content compressed into a clear and concise layout that is easy to skim read.

Your resume should be carefully created and written to highlight your skills and showcase your achievements.

You want a resume that persuades the employer that you are the solution to their problem. They want to hire the right person who is exceptionally capable of doing the job and he wants to achieve this as soon as possible. You have to show them that you are a very serious contender!

The goal of a resume is to get that vital invitation to a job interview. Time poor employers don’t want to wade through stacks of tedious resumes. If you bore them in the first three seconds, you will be on the reject pile. So you need an outstanding piece of work to get you noticed.   The good news is that we can help you.

What Does Our Resume Service Offer?

You will receive a resume that is accurate and concise.

Our resumes are tailored to the individual and their goals. From entry level job seekers all the way up to top level executives, we design our resumes to suit our clients.

Our process

  • In response to your enquiry, you will be emailed a questionnaire for you to fill in and return to us. This will outline your relevant skills experience and achievements. Any links to the job (s) you are seeking would be helpful for our writer to enable them to tailor a resume that is relevant to the job. This is the opportunity to write your biography and tell us as much as possible about YOU! This is where you can go into as much detail about your employment and personal goals as you want. It will help us get to know you.
  • Once we have the completed questionnaire back, we will start to extract the information we need to highlight what you will bring to the role. You will be contacted to arrange either a meeting in person or via Skype. This will help fill in any blanks the resume writer may have found in your information or answer any questions needed for clarity.
  • A first draft will then be completed and sent to you in a Microsoft word format. You will be asked to read it and any inform us of any changes you require.
  • After corrections are made you will be sent a second draft and again, requested to note any changes you require.
  • The final resume will then be completed and delivered to you.

A customised Cover Letter can also be tailored to compliment the resume, creating a total package to enhance your success

We have a 5-7-day turnaround depending on the type of resume you require but are flexible and if possible, we will adjust to accommodate your schedule.

Every resume created is different and depending on needs, with a specific format.

It is specifically tailored to meet YOUR requirement, and is crafted towards the position you are targeting.